Amalgamated Transit Union Local 268

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 268 is a union of people who work together at the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. Our Union is led by our very own members who were democratically elected to take the lead in protecting our jobs, our safety and our financial security.

ATU Local 268 also works together with other community, faith based and civil rights organizations to achieve protections for ourselves and for the public transportation services we provide. Our entire community benefits when we work together and when our public transit system is appropriately funded.

Our Union is one of many that belong to the International Amalgamated Transit Union, which represents over 200,000 transportation workers across the United States and Canada.

Why ATU Local 268?

All employees of the GCRTA who work in grades 1 through 6 are welcome to join with us as a family who works together, eats together, and stands up for each other. We bring our collective power together to negotiate with the RTA to protect our hours, wages and working conditions. We do more than negotiate our contract, we enforce it.

ATU Local 268 provides a network of resources for its members, including trained officers, executive board members and stewards who work along side their co-workers and are just a call away whenever any of our members are in need.

The members of ATU Local 268 direct our union by electing their officers, voting on our contract and voting on which grievances merit moving forward with to arbitration. We do this primarily during our monthly membership meetings where we  discuss our jobs, our needs and our plans to move forward as a union.

We support each other on both a professional and personal level, gathering together not only at work but also at our membership meetings and our annual picnic. When we come to work we do so as a family.

Board Members

Back Row: Charles Spivey, Terry McGrady, Tameka Dumas, Mallory J. Jarrous, Demetrius Forte, Kenneth L. Williams, Sr., Daniel Waken, Eric Cunningham, Ramzi D. Mustafa, David L. Allen
Front Row: Danielle Griffin, Wayne A. Bender, William H. Nix, Sr., James D. Harris

Vice President
James D. Harris
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Recording Secretary
Danielle Griffin
Assistant Business Agent Operations
Assistant Business Agent Non-Operations
Executive Board - Hayden
Executive Board - Rail
Demetrius Forte
Executive Board - Triskett
Terry F. McGrady
Executive Board - Paratransit
Kenneth L. Williams, Sr.
Executive Board - Power and Plant
Mallory J. Jarrous
Executive Board - Outside Shops
Ramzi D. Mustafa
Executive Board - CBM & Paratransit
Daniel E. Waken
Executive Board - Supervisors
Charles A. Spivey, Sr.


Monthly Membership Meetings are held at 7:45pm on the second Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held in the meeting hall on the lower floor of the Laborers Local 310 building, located at 3250 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115. All members are welcome.

1/8/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

2/12/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

3/12/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

4/9/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

5/14/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

6/11/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

7/9/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

8/13/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

9/10/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

10/8/2019 @ 7:45pm: Membership Meeting

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